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Chris Taggart


Chris received his Bachelors degree at Southern Utah University, and his Masters degree in Social Work at the University of Utah. Chris has an ability to quickly develop rapport, and has a strong understanding of family relationships, systems, and the importance of trust in those relationships. Chris has worked as a therapist and clinical director in the residential setting, and has worked extensively with adolescents and their parents. During this time, he has specialized in the treatment of depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and addiction, especially to substances and pornography. Chris also has extensive history with working with couples, as well as working with those with developmental disorders.

Chris is known for being a personable and understanding person, as well as lovingly direct with those he works with. He has a strong understanding of cognitive behavioral therapy, and helps others identify that oftentimes the maladaptive perceptions that they have lead to much of their struggles in life. Chris is a certified Self Managed Recovery Training (SMART) addiction treatment facilitator, as well as was trained foundationally in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy from the Linehan Institute at the Mclean Hospital in Boston, MA.

Chris enjoys watching movies, reading, playing games, and spending his time outdoors. He especially loves basketball, whether it be playing it or watching it, and is a dedicated fan of the Utah Jazz. Chris and his wife are the proud parents of four daughters.

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