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Cassie Robinson


Reaching out for help can be a difficult decision. Cassie believes making a connection with a therapist, you trust, is a crucial part of success in the therapeutic process. Feeling safe enough to share your life story, feelings, and challenges without being judged will start the therapeutic relationship and allows healing to begin. In therapy you can discover ways to heal and achieve greater satisfaction with yourself, your relationships, and your life. As a Marriage and Family Therapist Cassie has experience with addressing current situational stressors as well as more serious, longstanding difficulties.

She is committed to supporting your goals and offering guidance as you overcome challenges and build upon your strengths. Cassie believes her job as a therapist is to help you acknowledge, experience, and bare the realties of life with all its pleasures and heartbreak.

Reaching out is the first step. She respects the courage it takes for you to make the decision to change. Please call and schedule an appointment with St. George Children and Family Psychiatric Center. Accepting a variety of insurances.

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