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Allen Richards


Allen has lived in St. George, Utah for the majority of his life; Southern Utah’s world famous red sand has stained many pairs of his socks!  As an undergraduate student, Allen attended Dixie State University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology.  A few years later, he graduated from the University of Utah with a Master of Social Work degree in the mental health domain.  Allen and his wonderful wife are the tired and happy parents of four children, including twin boys. Exploring the back country with family and friends by 4×4, motorcycle, mountain bike, or even his own two feet are how he finds joy.  He’ll also tell you that catching up with friends and family while recounting recent adventures is nearly as fun as the experiences themselves!

Allen has significant experience assisting those struggling with substance abuse and other addictions and maladaptive coping strategies such as pornography, self harming, gambling, eating disorders, and so on.  As a graduate intern and later PRN therapist, he worked in the jail and legal system of Washington County as a clinical member of Felony Drug Court program at the Southwest Behavioral Health Center.  Additionally, he worked as a counselor at the Purgatory Adult Correctional Facility in Washington County.

Teaching as an adjunct professor of psychology Dixie State University was an exciting endeavor for Allen, though his time at DSU was limited in order to make way for a growing family and other work projects.  Allen also found great satisfaction and success at Sunrise Residential Treatment Center aiding young women battling severe emotional, relational, and behavioral difficulties.  While at Sunrise Allen worked as both a primary therapist and as clinical director overseeing a team of therapists and the clinical operations of the center.  Since that time he has been operating an OP clinic as the sole practitioner and proprietor until joining our team in January of 2020.

Allen is foundationally trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR), which is a specialized type of trauma therapy and psychotherapy in general. He has also attained foundational certification in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), a skills based therapy approach that has great lasting power and utility.  Additionally, Allen is a certified Self Managed Recovery Training (SMART) and addiction treatment facilitator.  Finally, in addition to these formal certifications and trainings, I am well versed in Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy strategies in general. Allen is enthusiastic about therapy and the therapy process, which is quickly evident in meeting with him!

More from Allen:

I have greatly enjoyed working in many roles as a mental health professional; therapist, instructor, RTC, IOP, PHP, Forensics, Psychomterics. It’s given me appreciation and understanding of how each of the different levels and types of treatment fit together and what unique needs and populations are best served by each. I enjoy deeply the connection I feel with my fellow humanity, and the philosophical angst and balance of this human experience that psychology seeks to understand and explore.

I enjoy the company of family and friends as much my own company. Reflecting on my existence and experience is a valued activity enhanced by solo ventures into nature on my bike or feet, though a car will suffice.

Allen specializes in these areas: Anxiety, depression, personality disorders.

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