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The journey towards mental health begins with self-love. Let’s discuss the steps to begin living a happier and healthier life.


Meet Our Mental Health Team

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  • Jennifer and Sunie are amazing. They care about me and are willing to bend over backwards to help Me. I could never thank them enough.

  • "By far the best psychiatrist that I had ever gone to. His expertise and
    knowledge was invaluable in helping me with my issues. He was able to pinpoint the
    problem and address it head on. I spent very little time with him, before I knew
    exactly what I needed to do to make my life happy and fulfilled. I will never forget him
    and rate him a 10+"


  • "Very thorough, understanding and intuitive. Excellent with adolescents with mood
    disorders. Best Nurse Practitioner and for Nurse psychiatry. I would say from personal
    experiences with Jake. He’s caring, compassionate, and he currently helping me on a
    few things I’m struggling with, but Jake is the first person I’ll keep trusting to help me be
    successful again. I trust Jake with my life. He continues to save my life. We all have
    stories to share and inspire others too! I plan on staying with Jake for my Therapy
    Sessions because he truly inspires me, every time I see him."


  • "Jake has been helping my family and me for years. Very knowledgeable, personable and make me feel heard every time."


  • My husband just loves this Dr. He totally gets it. And he us very knowledgeable.
    My son, age 16, has been seeing Brooks for almost 3 years now beginning at DRA. After my son finished the DRA program & lived in Utah, the only person I knew that would provide quality care for him was Brooks. So we continued treatment through him. He was knowledgeable, caring, took the time to explain & discuss options or changes in treatment. Unfortunately I couldn’t keep my son in Utah, due to my job, & he moved back home with me in NM in June 2023. Thank God for telehealth because my son has been able to continue treatment with Brooks. There is nobody else I will trust to provide behavioral health services for my son besides Brooks. I am so grateful for everything he has done for us.
  • "I have been his patient for several years now. He is very intuitive. He pays attention
    to the details of your life to come up with a effective treatment plan. He understand
    medications well and how they interact. He is good about returning a call when you
    need guidance on an issue you are encountering."


  • "Excellent knowledge in childhood disorders and treatment. Great rapport with patient."


  • "Nicole Cummings has the gift to help others in such a phenomenal way! She makes
    her clients feel loved, valued, and taken care of, and she is the most nurturing provider
    I've ever met. Nicole cares about the details of one's life and takes the time to truly
    understand and listen to her clients. She responds well to difficult situations and acts in
    a sensitive, non-judgemental way that I am touched by. I am very impressed with her
    gentle polite and friendly mannerisms and her high-quality care. After finishing each
    appointment, her clients are infused with hope and inspiration and a big step closer to
    healing and recovery. Thank you Nicole for all your help, skills, time, and love."


  • "A psychiatrist who has the rare ability to stay current on mental health and
    treatments, and also have so much empathy and compassion. He doesn't just dispense
    pills. He wants to know your story, he wants to know what you've endured, and all
    you've tried. He doesn't work 'in a box' because he knows every person is different. He
    will find the treatment best for you as an individual. He picks up his cell phone when I
    call, no matter when or where he is. Or he returns my call as soon as he can. I wish we
    had more like him. We NEED them in the mental health world."


  • "Clint Martineau is Absolutely the kindest most caring & has helped me get my mental
    well-being where it should be. I have my Life back thanks to him taking his time to put
    me on the right medication for me. Thanks so so much!"


  • "He listens, asks questions and truly is interested in making
    sure I’m receiving the best care. The entire Team is fantastic. Everyone here seems to
    really care about their Patients receiving the best care."


  • "Jake is an excellent practitioner. He is very personable and makes you feel like you
    are more than just patient number. He remembers important things about your history
    and references them to demonstrate the progress you have made. He listens well and
    provides meaningful feedback and strategies to cope with difficult life situations. He has
    been especially helpful with figuring out the right combination of medications and the
    timing of them to optimize efficacy.
    Wonderful person. He listens almost too good. Lol thanks Jake !! He is Caring ,warm
    and understands what your going through. He is upbeat and that helps a lot. Jennifer
    his assistant is the same way.. Thank for all of your help the past 2 years."


Everything Begins Once You’ve Decided to Take The First Step


Meet Our Providers

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