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The journey towards mental health begins with self-love. Let’s discuss the steps to begin living a happier and healthier life.


Meet Our Mental Health Team

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  • "Jake is a lifesaver! I don't know if my wife wouldn't have found him for me where I
    would be at today. Before Jake started treating me, I was a complete hot mess, had no
    worth, no value, and no hope or joy. But through thoughtful and careful diagnosis and
    and using his Humanity and expertise through his training he found the correct
    medication for me and did it in a timely manner so that I could start seeing results and
    begin to have something to look forward to again. Not only was he able to use his
    knowledge and expertise in finding the correct medication for me but he also was able
    to help me in our sessions verbally that brought emotions that needed to come to the
    surface and be dealt with to help me heal. He's truly my angel on Earth and my "Saving
    Grace" for my mental well-being. If you're struggling and are having a hard time
    mentally and are lucky enough to be able to see this fine young man, you will truly be
    blessed as I have been. I highly recommend Jake to anyone who is struggling with
    mental health or any kind of abuse and needs to be healed."


  • I couldn't be happier with the treatment I receive. Jake is very knowledgeable about Pharmacology, easy to talk to, and willing to make adjustments to the treatment plan, if desired

  • "Nicole Cummings has the gift to help others in such a phenomenal way! She makes
    her clients feel loved, valued, and taken care of, and she is the most nurturing provider
    I've ever met. Nicole cares about the details of one's life and takes the time to truly
    understand and listen to her clients. She responds well to difficult situations and acts in
    a sensitive, non-judgemental way that I am touched by. I am very impressed with her
    gentle polite and friendly mannerisms and her high-quality care. After finishing each
    appointment, her clients are infused with hope and inspiration and a big step closer to
    healing and recovery. Thank you Nicole for all your help, skills, time, and love."


  • "NICOLE LISTENS! She cares and keeps investigating to find the help needed! Highly


  • "We miss you in Las Vegas. You are awesome and we understand why you left but
    still miss you. We pray for all your patients and for you and yours."


  • "I have been his patient for several years now. He is very intuitive. He pays attention
    to the details of your life to come up with a effective treatment plan. He understand
    medications well and how they interact. He is good about returning a call when you
    need guidance on an issue you are encountering."


  • This office is great because they offer both therapy and medication management. The providers and staff are so friendly and caring. I am so glad I found them!

  • "Dr. Nielsen and his entire team are hands down the most caring, knowledgeable
    practitioners in St. George. Highly recommend them."


  • "Nicole Cummings has the biggest heart and some of the very best top-of-the-line skills to
    help others in challenging times with mental illnesses. She is caring, thoughtful, and
    concerned with each of her client's well-being. Nicole goes above and beyond to validate,
    care for, and thoroughly explain the answers to each of the client's questions. She is a huge
    part of the positive recovery process and meets you where you are at. Nicole has given
    some of the best services that that a client could ever receive and loves what she is doing.
    Thank you Nicole!"


  • "Jacob has changed my opinion. of therapists and psychiatrists. He's been the first
    and only "head shrink" that has been down to earth, on the same level as me and
    actually listened to me and put me on the correct medication in which allowed me to
    want to be part of life again ! He did , in a few visits what all of my drs for decades failed
    to do. He actually cares! I've rereferred a bunch of people to him already."


  • Jennifer and Sunie are amazing. They care about me and are willing to bend over backwards to help Me. I could never thank them enough.

  • "Dr. Nielsen is a no nonsense, yet compassionate physician who has helped me
    overcome issues that let to anxiety disorder."


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